At its base the video series was created for the participants of the annual course “Mastery and Embodied Enlightenment”. The aim was to orchestrate further adjustments for the physical body in addition to the inner upliftment. The combination of visuals, sounds and embedded frequency transmission is meant to support the physical tissues in absorbing more cosmic crystalline photon light.

It is a fact that for our ascension process – which in essence is one of embodiment – the transformation of our physical, material reality is crucial. These videos activate the subtle bodies and our senses – especially the eyes and ears. This enhances the metabolization of light into the cellular systems. Eyes and ears are connected to the upper energy centers and glands in the brain, which in turn are connected with the entire biological structure, as well as the subtle bodies.

These videos have been refined and rebuilt according to the instructions of the Spiritual Councils, so that also those can benefit from these activations who do not follow a specific training for ascension.

1. Brain Wave – 24:40 Min

Foundational piece for cleaning and connecting the cerebral hemispheres. Especially clearing in the left hemisphere of the brain and the brain stem. In addition, the right brain is gently stimulated. The piece centrally addresses the hypothalamus as it is here that many negative impressions and limiting programs are stored. This prepares for the activation and enhancement of the pituitary gland.

2. Cleanse Flow – 16:16

Acts on the upper glands. In an almost hypnotic fashion it acts on the neuronal networks, calming and sedating the nerval activity. This piece energetically cleans the synapses and neural pathways and prepares for new connections. It stimulates and supports the pituitary gland while preparing a further expansion of the pineal gland.

3. Higher Mind – 20:14

This video addresses our physical biology. It acts on the chemical substance of all tissues, the central nervous system and on all the glands. Watching the video stimulates the spinal cord, the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. In a gentle way the flow of our creative forces and Kundalini are stimulated, as well as the pineal gland and the thymus gland. .

Transmitted by Lady Sophia

4. Timmer Code of Joy – 18:18

This video-piece brings us back to the origin of our biological creation. It is a collaboration of beings from Lyra and a group called the Timmers. The Timmers are a 9D multilevel collective who are highly advanced Masters of color-technologies. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Light and assist humanity through their specific holographic science. The language of light was translated by the Lyrans. This video has a highly accelerating effect on the DNA/RNS and connects us to our original essence.


The videos are building upon each other and best work when used in this specific sequence. However, they can also be purchased separately – except the Timmer Code. All videos are available for download – each with and without light language – with handouts for guidelines and explanations for the content.